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New Motion Physical Therapy (NMPT) is a physical therapy clinic located on Bainbridge Island WA that is dedicated to rehabilitation achieved through the use of manual therapy, Pilates based exercises and various other treatment techniques.

The Allegro Reformer is a versatile piece of equipment that addresses virtually every part of the body and can be used with clients of all kinds from the novice to the super fit.

Springs of varying strengths provide resistance and support for exercises from simple, isolated arm and leg movement to complex exercises involving the whole body.

The expertise of physical therapist instructors enables identification of movement dysfunction; then, appropriate exercise modifications are implemented which ensure safe participation and progression.

Allegro classes provide a refreshing and energizing workout while improving strength, muscle tone, flexibility, coordination and posture.

Intro to Allegro– An introductory class to become familiar with equipment use and safety.  Participants will learn a foundation of exercises based upon the principles of the Pilates method, including neutral spine, proper breathing, organization and core control, and spinal articulation.

Level I/II- A beginning to intermediate level class that builds upon the principles of Intro to Allegro.  Introductory exercises are challenged through repetition, increased/decreased resistance, and greater complexity of movements.  **Prerequisite:  Intro to Allegro

Level II- An intermediate/advanced level class that continues to challenge, progress, and build upon basic and intermediate exercises.  New and more complex exercises are introduced.

Pilates Allegro/Ball Teen Class-  Fridays for Teens (ages 15-18): A mix of Allegro, Ball and Core Stability and Flexibility. A fun way to learn about your body and how it moves using Pilates equipment (Allegro) and the Ball. (A discounted cost to promote youth health).