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New Motion started in 1999 on Bainbridge Island. Since opening its doors, it has twice outgrown its space until 2007 when it moved to Sportmans Office Complex off of Highway 305 on Sportsmans Road. In 2008 the clinic was purchased by eight dedicated professionals who assumed ownership and management : Janette Ahrndt, Sandy Carlsen, Dani Hume, Mimi Malgarini, Stuart Mitchell, Lynn Schorn, Mark Schorn, and Mikki Townsend. New Motion Physical Therapy is committed to utilizing the exceptional skill and training of our Physical Therapists with the most up to date treatment available.

The best physical therapy available takes more than an education and credentials. The science is extremely important, but you need more. Science does not explain or fully understand the human body's complexities. Good physical therapy is a blend of science and art.

Healing is an art form: a graceful blend of body and spirit working as equal partners in your recovery. Each of our physical therapists is uniquely trained to treat a wide range of conditions and injuries. From strains and sprains to post-surgery rehabilitation, we’ve got you covered.