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New Motion Physical Therapy (NMPT) is a physical therapy clinic located on Bainbridge Island WA that is dedicated to rehabilitation achieved through the use of manual therapy, Pilates based exercises and various other treatment techniques.

Osteoporosis is characterized by decreased bone mass and susceptibility to fractures.

New Motion Physical Therapy can play a strong role to help prevent fractures for those with Osteoporosis by providing education and guidance.

Exercises are taught to help increase bone mass and improve your bone density. Just as muscle grows stronger the more you use it, a bone becomes denser when you place demands on it. You will be taught appropriate exercises for osteoporosis and be given a good home program.

Working on balance to prevent falls and learning the proper body mechanics for the activities you do every day can prevent hip fractures and compression fractures of the spine.

New Motion Physical Therapy can give you to tools you need to take charge of your health, remain active, vital and strong!