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Fenzian Electrical Stimulation

New Motion Physical Therapy (NMPT) is a physical therapy clinic located on Bainbridge Island WA that is dedicated to rehabilitation achieved through the use of manual therapy, Pilates based exercises and various other treatment techniques.

Fenzian is a non-invasive, safe and painless treatment approach.  A handheld device placed on the skin, it uses a small electric current and a biofeedback unit to communicate to your Central Nervous System, (CNS).

Fenzian was FDA approved as a Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulator, (TNS), in the USA in January 2005. TNS, for many years, has been widely used in the medical world to treat pain. The Fenzian treats pain but also goes beyond the effects of a TNS unit.

The Fenzian unit emits a tiny electrical impulse that replicates a normal healthy nerve impulse. The impulse travels from the skin surface up nerve fibers to the CNS and helps retrain the CNS to respond normally, thereby decreasing pain. The Fenzian impulse also causes a release of neuropeptides (proteins that assist in healing). Many unhealed and inflamed traumas are able to move into a healing mode with the normal nerve impulse. Chronic inflammation changes to a healthier healing response where tissues can relax and soften.  

This is unique and different than a traditional TNS unit. TNS impulses are large and bombard the nervous system through a different nerve fiber to block pain registration instead of assisting in healing.